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Expo 2020 Dubai

Over the past 170 years, world expositions have inspired millions of people across the globe to imagine and unlock opportunities for the next generation to build a better future. The spotlight will be on Dubai, and we, as lead creative agency, have a four-year remit to drive strategic development, ideation and creativity across multiple channels in the run-up to launch.
In this wide-ranging project, we are working closely with the Expo marketing team to provide brand guardianship and deliver a string of specific applications, including Emirates aircraft livery, outdoor advertising, brand guidelines, and sub-identities for various initiatives.

One such offshoot project was YouthConnect, an annual forum, designed to inspire and empower young people in the UAE. Our chief mission here was to develop a highly flexible identity system that would activate and ignite the brand while engaging its youth audience.

A further task, this time part of the core Expo brand, was the design and development of an online portal to encourage global collaboration and trade. In this, our primary value was in facilitating an effortless customer experience by advocating simple navigation, concise messaging and impactful video content.

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The first World Expo held in the region will welcome the world to the UAE, celebrating culture, collaboration and innovation whilst leaving a meaning and lasting legacy.

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