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Italian Hospitality Collection

Having gathered an enviable portfolio of properties, IHC identified the need to build a cohesive house of products that feel as though they belong to one group and to build equity back into the overarching brand. The crucial caveat was to allow the unique characteristics of each property and guest experience to shine through.
Together, the products encapsulate the warmth of Italian hospitality, and this unifying story inspired our positioning Infinitely varied, united by passion. Our first recommendation was to replace the IHC acronym with the long-form Italian Hospitality Collection to avoid ambiguity and deliver a more honest and engaging tone. Next, we instigated a respectful evolution of the existing identity that reinforced the brand’s Italian heritage through crafted typography and a refined colour palette. Then followed a rationalisation of the individual property marques in which a key unique element of each original identity was retained but adapted to sit seamlessly underneath the master brand.

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Since relaunching, the portfolio continues to grow with increased profitability through visitor numbers as well as the economies of scale that come with our consolidation of group marketing and communications.

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