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Patina Hotels & Resorts

Patina is a new brand and the brainchild of the Kwee family, whose business, Pontiac Land Group, already sets the benchmark across many sectors in Singapore and beyond. In building a close working relationship with the family and Patina team, we realised a mutual appreciation of the aesthetic and emotional potential of Patina and defined the DNA of the brand over the course of relaxed conversations.
The Patina brand is about energy – an energy that flows and morphs to the rhythm of its guests. It captures the seamless and ongoing, multi-dimensional experience that supports immersion in local culture, shared participation, personal wellbeing and development. It also inspires a deeper connection with the big picture of planetary health.

Perfectly evoking this idea of a rich, textured experience, the name is the cornerstone of the brand. The depth of the experience is also beautifully charted through a series of lifestyle photography combined with evocative abstract vignettes influenced by both urban and natural landscapes.

The first embodiment of the brand will be in the Maldives, Fari Islands followed by Osaka, Japan, Ubud, Indonesia and Sanya, China with other developments in the planning.

For both the brand launch and first property opening, we continued to collaborate on nurturing a community that will become part of the collective movement of the brand, allowing its guests to engage, contribute and perpetually shape the brand to their needs. From the signature experiences of the restaurant and the spa, to a film that positively nourishes our creativity and spirit.

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If we are not protective, responsible, progressive, community-minded, renewable, and smart - we are not Patina.

Individuality holds the heart of our inspiration. We celebrate uniqueness - it feeds the universal energy alive in our hotels and resorts.

From lush evergreen forest to sun-drenched islands, Patina is a brand that transcends destinations where layer upon layer of life-enriching experiences can be felt, tasted, heard, and understood.

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