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VR Park

With the brand ambition to inspire joy, Emaar Entertainment is known for creating many of Dubai’s best-loved leisure destinations. Their VR Park in The Dubai Mall is the region’s first high-tech virtual and augmented reality attraction. In a city with no shortage of visitor experiences, our strategy was not only to ignite interest in the new product but also to create the benchmark for the group’s portfolio and confirm their position as number one in the region.
Another consideration for the new brand was its broad audience, from young children to grown-up seasoned gamers. There was also a need to build a flexible framework with the capacity to accommodate the ever-changing content. In response, we devised a simple but authoritative brand, driven by our organising thought Challenging Reality, that focused on the visitors’ vivid and immersive experience and sense of shared escapism.

The visual identity brings our positioning to life by offering tantalising glimpses into other worlds. Using animation, lenticulars and inventive printing techniques, we created visual excitement by playing with the magical and disorientating transitions into and out of those worlds. In the same spirit, the flipping of the A to a V in the wordmark reinforces this sense of the visitor’s world turning upside down. The resulting suite of compelling images and effects enticed visitors across multiple channels, including a launch film and the Park’s touchscreen interface. And our HD digital billboard advertising actually turned heads.

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The scalability of a singular thought was the success behind this brand.

Whether a gamer or not, the park and the brand alike needed to encourage a universal invitation to participate in the virtual experience.

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