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A developer approached us with a stunning site on Kamala Bay in Phuket and a blank sheet of paper to create the ultimate luxury residential resort proposition in Asia. Of course, that particular area has no shortage of prime resorts, making it our challenge to give it purpose, resonance, differentiation, and, ultimately, attract both investors and guests.
Following our thorough review of the competition, it was clear that both ‘luxury’ and ‘family’ were common themes, but the combination of the two had yet to be attempted with any degree of success. This was our cue. Kid’s Clubs are a ubiquitous feature of many luxury resorts, but they’re often an afterthought. Our concept carved its niche by fully embracing the idea of ‘generations’ and developing the definitive multigenerational luxury resort. The next step was to tell the story to connect emotionally with global audiences. First came the name. MontAzure reflects the resort’s magical position, sitting at the point where lush mountains meet the ocean, highlighting the sense of freedom and the diversity of experiences.

Next came the imagery. Alexa Singer is a model turned fashion and lifestyle photographer, and she’s gifted in storytelling through the lens. Against the backdrop of lush tropical jungle and glistening ocean, she captured magical moments between three generations of a family as they connect and make a lifetime of memories. It’s a benefit of our international presence that we could confidently manage a local cast and international crew over four hot days on location to create this set of stunning, emotionally charged images. Using these as the primary expressions of the brand, we brought the concept to life on hoardings, billboards, marketing communications and a website.

Now the resort is up and running, perhaps the most definite sign that it has found its market is that the beach club is operated by the celebrated Café del Mar brand.

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